Art Wall Lights

NEW!  Later this month sees the launch of Art Wall Lights -   our new website dedicated solely to hand made sculptural and architectural wall lights.  The new website is still under construction but in the coming weeks take a look at  Should be up by the end of June latest!        


For the launch of Art Wall LIghts I chose to experiment with new materials and finishes.   Rusted steel, antiqued leather with age spots, bleached oak and plaster.      I have paid particular attention to finish and patina.   Locally farmed sea salt, squid ink and walnut stain are  some of the unusual ingredients used in the ageing process of the leather and steel lamps.  Some lamps are left overnight  in the smouldering ashes of a bonfire, to achieve a truly authentic aged look.  Steel lamps are left for weeks encased in a crust of sea salt, which is then cracked off to reveal a beautiful patina with rust spots. It is fun above all to try and achieve "real age" in a piece, not just a paint effect.  This means some pieces take up to 10 weeks to make, allowing enough time for the real rust to show through...


Having said this, Art Wall LIghts will carry limited stock on many items, so delivery times can often be fast!


All  the wall lights are designed, made and hand finished by us (myself, William and our small team based in SW France).  Special thanks go to Andrew Eckford  who has been a key member of the development team using his wonderful engineering  and welding skills.


We decided to photograph the lamps in derelict local buildings, which was interesting!  At the heart of our village is a semi-ruined 13th Century Priory, and the owner kindly let us loose in there, to take some of the shots.



Nuit de Chine Wall Applique - hand painted wood, with bark paper shade



HW-JCL Steel Applique



HW-JCL Steel Applique 




Graciela Wall Light - plaster



HW-JCL Applique - hand made bark paper




13 April 2011


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