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My year spent in Paris had a lot to do with it. I spent a year living in the household of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his wife Martine Franck, immersed in their modest but extremely cultured world, meeting a steady stream of artists, writers and musicians.  It opened up a whole new world, nothing like anything I had ever experienced.  Henri was deeply critical of the fashion industry!  His voice kept raging in my head making me question what I was doing in this superficial business dominated by celebrity culture and rake thin girls.

Henri remains my moral hero to this day, along with Giacometti,  I admire the simple way they lived  and worked.  Few people live like that anymore.  I took the plunge and began studying sculpture in the evenings and at week-ends.  I took courses in bronze casting and welding to learn the technical processes that would make me free to work with bronze.  

The first piece I cast was a bronze candlestick. Christopher Nevile and Justin Meath Baker sold it within a week, to an illustrious client from their  shop in Covent Garden, The Study. It then dawned on me that this could work, and on their advice I began making lamps.

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