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Hannah Woodhouse interviewed
by Sarah Bunting 15.10.09

S: Why lights?

H: Completely accidental. I fell in love with bronze when I was working in Paris in the early 1980’s. I emmersed myself in the sculptural works of Giacometti, Rodin and Miro, with their rich patinas and wonderful textures. I left my job in the early 90’s and embarked on a journey exploring bronze.

S: Sculpture wasn’t your first career?

H: No at first I worked in high fashion, a relatively logical choice as I had a degree in French and Italian. But I always had this nagging desire to make something with my hands, preferably in bronze. I was fascinated by how a patina could transform a bronze. Before Rodin bronzes were uniform and black but from Rodin onwards patinas were rich and varied, and this grabbed my attention.

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